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TIP Ventures is your in-country representation in Taiwan 

We open, develop, and manage your operations in Taiwan and eliminate time zone differences, language barriers, and travel restrictions

Business Development in Taiwan for HW/SW companies

Market research

  • ​Map the opportunity by potential customers, partners and market segments

  • Get initial market feedback

  • Suggest engaement priority

  • Set objectives and timeline 



  • ​Engage with technology and business decision makers 

  • Generate interest

  • Schedule meetings and roadshows 

  • Drive for PoCs MoU / PoC PO


Zero to One

  • Mange PoC - multi-layer relationships ​

  • Drive for commercial agreement and volume PO

  • Support co-marketing


One to Many

  • Leverge the first customer to grow the business​

  • Maintain relationships and the first customer's statisfation, while winning for accounts

We support all ODM/OEM engagements including roles typically supported by a “Country Manager”, “Sales Manager”, "Acount Manager", Business Development Manager" 

DALL·E 2022-12-27 17.45.16 - Business Development for Hardware uhd 4k picture for website.
Cyber security and network protection with cybersecurity expert working on secure access i

Business Development in Taiwan for Cybersecurity companies

  • Generate interest among potential cusomers and distribution channels


  • Select and sign up the most relevant and committed channel partners - Value Added Resellers (VARs), distributors, System Integrators (SI), MSSPs, and other local cybersecurity companies.


  • Support ‘on-boarding’ the hosen partners.


  • Work with the partners to generate leads and to create an Opportunity Funnel


  • Manage the channels including Deal Registration and perioric performance evaluation


  • initiate marketing and business development activities to increase your brand awareness and support the growth of sales. including shows and CISO round tables


  • Manage local pipeline and forecast - own business growth in the teritorry

Project Management with Taiwanese ODMs/OEMs 

  • Add deep technical understanding to bridge the gaps


  • Find the most relevant ODM


  • Support agreement negotiation


  • Manage the project with daily / weekly meetings and reports


  • Serves as the corporate technology liaison ompany's liaison to bridge the resulting gaps between the company and different stackholders in the ODM and the supply chain

  • The service includes roles typically supported by a “Country Manager”, “Sales Manager” and “Application Engineer” “Project Manager, “Application Engineer” (pre-sale), and “FAE” (post-sale).”Supply Chain Manager”

Image by Annie Spratt
Electric Car Charging

Investment and M&As

Team up with the investors including Taiwanese Corporate Venture Capital (CVC), Venture Capital, and private investors 

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