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Our Clients

Automating Third-Party Security Risk Management.

Get a rapid, accurate view of third-party security risk with Panorays.

Prevent Ransomware Before it Even Starts
With Patented Ransomware Protection Technology


Eliminating malware for safe file usage.

odix’s patented technology disarms malicious code from files. 


Help organizations walk them through their cusomer's journey, by enabling simple communication, measure their customer experience, and act accordingly in a personal, tailored manner.


A direct-on-chip, waterless, two-phase, liquid cooling technology that triples the processing capacity of highly dense computing environments using less than 50 percent of the energy. 


Gain the freedom & control to create great robots

robotics engine platform provides autonomous robot manufacturers everything they need to quickly build, deploy and operate enterprise grade robots 


Designing affordable ultra-low powered AI visual sensors for everyday devices to make life in our connected world, more convenient, more secure, and more energy-efficient.


AI analytics and data unification to power your manufacturing efficiency and product quality.

Gain end-to-end control of all your manufacturing

process worldwide.

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